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As many of you know, Betty has two abiding passions:

All things plants,


Practicing Optometry with specialization in child vision problems and post traumatic brain injury.

Since she has had a dramatic improvement in her health, optometry has again been taking  increasingly more of Betty's time. 

If you want to check out what is taking her time these days, check out this site www.fretzvisiontherapy.com

We will continue to maintain our gardens and make them available for viewing by the public but will again be unable to offer plants for sale.  

We are dis-continuing the online shopping cart but will continue to sell the Kincaid garden markers.

Marv and Betty Fretz  March 3, 2016

<![CDATA[Spring into spring]]>Fri, 11 Apr 2014 18:14:01 GMThttp://www.floralandhardy.ca/blog/spring-into-springPicture
Well,  it is finally starting to look like spring aroung here - still lots of snow but it is melting in a slow and controlled fashion.

We are well into the process of building this new website and until complete we intend to maintain both the old and new sites.  As areas are completed, you will be forwarded here from the old site. 

Two completed areas already completed are 2014 Daylily Seedlings and Kincaid Garden Markers.  There is a link on the new main menu on your left to take you back to the old site if you wish.

All of our spring promotions will be offered on this site and and Jen and Betty are hard at work adding to them daily.  This is the first year that we will be offering plant "bundles" or "packages. 

<![CDATA[March 23rd, 2014]]>Sun, 23 Mar 2014 12:24:47 GMThttp://www.floralandhardy.ca/blog/march-23rd-2014Welcome to our blog and our new website.

It is a work in progress so please look around and feel free to comment or criticize or suggest anything you would added or changed. 

Kincaid has expanded their line of plant markers this year.  The "P" series that we have been selling up to now will continue to be available.  In addition they have added an "M" series in which the orientation of the plate has been changed. Check out the pictures. I personally like them and I think they are going to catch on.

 Marv Fretz]]>