We are sorry to announce that

Floral and Hardy will not be offering plants for sale during the 2015 season.

As many of you know, Betty has two abiding passions:

All things plants,


The practice of Optometry with specialization in child vision problems and post traumatic brain injury.

During the last two years optometry has been taking  increasingly more of her time and resulted in her making this very difficult decision.  She is hopeful that this is not permanent and that in the future it will again become possible to offer her plants for sale.

We will continue to maintain our gardens and make them available for viewing by the public.  We will continue to sell the Kincaid garden markers (see below).

A web presence will be maintained at www.floralandhardy.ca, with a blog to keep you up to date with any changes. 

All orders that have been placed, or unfulfilled commitments will be honoured.  You can continue to contact us at floralandhardygardens@gmail.com.

Marv and Betty Fretz

Kincaid Stainless Steel Garden Markers
All Kincaid markers are manufactured in the USA of the highest quality and the plates are 20% thicker than the competition which means they are stronger and more durable.  The plant tags were designed with a special “captive plate” that will not fall off or slide down the post, although it can be removed.  Our plant labels can be easily read after installation because of the convenient 45 degree viewing angle.  You will notice that we offer quantity pricing. First select the appropriate price point, then the quantity. 

Signature Series plant markers – Our strongest and longest lasting, most reliable plant marker available.  100% stainless steel construction…
Heavy Duty #10 gauge (3.404 mm.diameter posts.  These are the 2P (drooping plate) and 2M (upright plate) markers.

Collector Series plant markers – 100% stainless steel construction.
 Standard #13 gauge (2.413 mm.) diameter posts.  These are the 2A (drooping plate and 2L (upright plate) markers.

Shipping - when your order is ready to go we will calculate the shipping cost based on the weight, parcel size and your location. We ship Canada Post expedited parcel and you will be charged exactly what it costs us.