Norwegian Casino – How to Invest Your Time and Money in Gambling

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We’ve already shared with you the ways of obtaining free slot games, now how about we tell you about playing these games with real money and for real money. Here this guide discusses casino games Norway has both online and through their land based casinos.

Land Based Casino vs. Casinos Online

There probably is no right or wrong answer because gambling is totally subjective. There are different games that players enjoy, there are different financial factors involved between players and then there is a time issue that comes into the player’s personal lives.

Gambling is, for the most part, a lone sport, if you congregate to a land based casino with friends, it clearly becomes evident that the party will fraction as each player takes up the challenge of the game they enjoy, over the collective.

Online gambling magnifies this because 90-99% is solo based gaming, with a few rare exceptions of multiplayer participation, its still very much you alone against the casino.

High Street Gambling

When it comes to the idea of gambling on the streets of Norway, your options are fairly limited when compared to the new wave of options growing online year after year. There is no denying that Norway has one of the strictest gambling laws on earth. As the country abstained from joining the EU, they are a country to themselves, through this, their own laws cannot be challenged.

When it comes to the laws of gambling, only two businesses exist. Both state-owned, players can choose Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikototo. These cover the horse racing, lottery and keno games within the country. And that’s pretty much it. in 2009 interactive video terminals were introduced after an outright ban on slots three years earlier, but with special terminal card requirements, it was a further symbol of the state’s rules over the pleasure of gambling.

Digital Games Online

From restrictive sports betting, slots and a selection of lottery games, with online casinos, you enter an unparalleled world of entertainment. Make no mistake, playing online took players into something never before seen when it started in 1996. So how do the laws of Norway impact on the business of online casinos?

First, not business inside of Norway can make an online casino, it just wouldn’t be registered and would be banned. All online casinos are, therefore, based overseas. This is offshore betting and though not approved by the Norwegian government, no one would want to suppress the freedom the internet offers, so they do not block any gambling sites if licensed and overseas.

The licensing part takes effect through other governmental bodies outside of Norway, for example, you have the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority, two of the more popular regulators that help to manage and control the online sites that are accessible to players all over the world, should their government not actually block the sites.

Making the Smart Choices Online

Playing online throws up many options of where to actually sign up and experience the many games there are. There are hundreds of offshore sites that accommodate Norwegian players and allow them to deposit with krone and win krone currency back, yes, even if the sites are based offshore.

To help find these, you can use independent sites such as that offer up legal and reputable options of where to play. But there is plenty to consider before making that final choice.

Getting it Right First Time

Make no mistake, we have all been there, joining an online casino for the first time can be very daunting. First of all, safety comes to the forefront of your mind, “am I going to be set up?” When opting to join a casino from an independent site, you are covered three-fold.

1) Each casino is check and tested for their security systems.

2) Each casino is checked to make sure it is licensed and remains valid.

3) Each casino is checked to make sure they meet the legal requirements of Norwegian players.

These important areas are what help make the casino’s foundation, without these priorities and rules of service, the casino wouldn’t exist. However, in the world of the Internet, fake sites exist, though not by any large percentage, knowing what to look for will help you should you wish to go solo and find your own online casino without the use of a comparison site.

Casinos should display their legal status by informing their clients clearly on their website, who owns the business and who has issued them the current license and what that license number is so that it can be validated via the supposed regulator. They must or should issue what site protection is available so that you could check for yourself if the software used is actually approved by the standards agency and certified through independent lab checks prior to going online.

If you fail to see any of this, then proceed with caution and ask yourself why this information isn’t visible.

Why Your Time Should be Online

Through online casinos, you are able to access everything there ever has been and currently is that is associated with gambling. The numbers are staggering when it comes to games alone. You can access every single sport around the world through Norwegian friendly sportsbooks. You can access hundreds of live dealer games that include blackjack, poker, roulette and even new game show features like Deal or No Deal and the Dream Catcher.

Slots, well, there are easily over 5000 different online slot machines to play and with this the progressive machines that payout the life changing sums that reach into the multi-millions.

Online Extras to Benefit from

There are a number of additional extras that you get from playing inside the best online casinos Norwegians can join aside from the games.

You will notice that every casino online offers Norway players a chance to claim exclusive offers that provide you with extra funding to play your favourite games. Winning brought about using casino bonuses are yours to keep.

Players, wishing to use their mobile can do so if they have iOS, Android or Windows installed devices. Playing from mobile smartphones is now the most popular way and since 2017 it overtook desktop use by over 30%.

Banking is also supported for the krone currency, just because these casinos are registered offshore, you can still use common methods of payment to deposit with the krone currency and win it back.

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