The Best Tips and Slot Machine Strategy for Online Casinos

Slot Strategy Slot Strategy

Now, you have benefited from learning about the free slot games that are available from the leading Canadian casinos online. Here we discuss the slot machine strategy to use on them. With these tips, you will most definitely increase the number of times you win and lower your spending. Just to prepare yourself, the leader in terms of slots strategies is just over there:

Presenting professional casino slots tips to help you win more online

If someone says that strategy of slots doesn’t exist and its pure luck, then they haven’t read and implemented our advice. For every game in the online casino, there is a strategy that can be used and for most of the time, it can work. Here we show you those which do work for the online slot machines.

These strategies and tips for improving your game will work on all slots whether they are programmed with RTP or RNG algorithms. You can also use them for all virtual card and table games within the site you play in.

Learn the simple techniques of how to win at slots

Here are our tips for winning at slots:

1. Only Play New Games: RTP slots are programmed to payout based on the money going into it. The more popular the game is, the higher the chances are of winning from it. So, therefore, avoid playing any older games, they will take longer to payout.

2. Knowledge is Key: unlock the prizes from your game through practice. Playing games in demo mode will give you an understanding of how a game works, is played and how frequent it will payout.

3. Experiment: always be testing the slots changing paylines and wagering amounts. You’ll find that paying with a lower wager is often more profitable than with larger ones. Do a test on free games to see over 20 spins how often a 0.20 bet wins, then 0.40 bet, then 0.60 and so on.

4. Jackpot Games: focus on the slots which hold staggered jackpots rather than one progressive jackpot prize. Aim for the slots which payout at a certain amount, then payout by a certain time and then payout their largest jackpot randomly. You’ll be increasing your odds with 3 prizes, rather than just the one.

Use the best slot machine strategy to boost your profits

One of slot tips casinos don’t want you to know:

Slots are built with algorithms; these work in sync with the casinos account manager tool. The tool stores your history, this logs the times you played, the amounts you spent, what you have won, what you play and so on. These two functions from the slot and the tool determine if you will win or not, long before you play.

New players win all the time, why? No history is logged. So, because regulations mean the casinos must run tests and keep data safe, once a month they clean their cache of data. This makes you seem like a new player until you win and start building data again. So, for this to work you can only play one new game at a time. When you win cash out and transfer to another game. When you are done for the day, clear your own data and history, uninstall the app and wait a month, then repeat.

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