Understanding How Online Cricket Betting Works

Cricket Betting Online Cricket Betting Online

There are lots of Indian cricket fans because the sport is like a religion amongst the citizens. The Indian cricket national team is the best worldwide and has top talents that can stand their own in any ICC tournament. Due to this, most Indians engage in online cricket betting because they can make money from it and get paid rapidly. In this article, we will discuss how online cricket works, the different cricket bets in India, betting markets, and many more.

How does online cricket betting work?

Indian cricket fans who want to wager on this beautiful game should follow these steps:

Find a reliable betting website

It should be the priority before wagering on cricket betting sites. Choosing the best Indian cricket sites that will pay fast is essential.

Register and create an online account

Once you register, you profit from a top Indian betting platform, and you can wager on every cricket event of your choice.

Pick from the plethora of Banking options

The next step is to credit your account using various payment options like a credit card, PayPal, and bank transfers.

Choose from the numerous betting methods

Immediately your account has been credited, kindly pick "navigate the cricket betting markets" and choose from the method of dismissal, the highest sixes, over innings, and special bets.

Place your bet

Put in the amount you want to stake and place your bet. The odds of the option multiplied by your stakes will give you, your expected winnings.

Legal gambling situation in India

To trace the legal issues about Indian gambling, let's check the laws guiding betting. The Indian gambling act of 1857 gave the Government total control over wagering activities. Later, Indian states wanted to increase their revenue by gambling and created the Goa and Daman Public Gambling bill of 1976.

After the introduction of the internet, the Indian government came up with the IT act of 2000 which checks all online transactions to prevent fraud. The above-mentioned laws show gambling in India isn't illegal, despite the unregulated legal aspect. However, Indians are free to wager online betting with reliable foreign bookies.

Top cricket events available

There are several events which Indian cricket fans can bet on, they include

Icc cricket world cup

It is a widely followed cricket world cup because it features top teams from the globe. It happens every four years when cricket giants like India, Australia, and England face each other.

Ashes series

This series is always looked forward to because of the fun and sparks it provides. A good cricket market for this series is the method of dismissal.

Indian Premier League

The Indian Premier League is the biggest sporting event in India. It features top teams from all over India who in 60 days face one another. The value of the IPL runs into billions and is good revenue for the Indian government.

Things to consider before wagering on sports

After understanding how to bet on cricket in India, there are essential factors to consider before registering with a trusted Indian betting site, they are:

Betting currency

Only bet with online bookmakers which accept Indian rupees. There are some recommended bookies where you can pay in rupees.


Keeping your money safe online is very important if you wager online. Therefore, you have to pick only secure betting platforms.

Gambling licenses

Indian bettors are advised to invest their only in sports betting sites that are licensed. Top regulators include the UK Gaming Commission, the Malta Gaming Agency, and the Curacao Betting Agency.

Land vs. online gambling in India

India has very few land gambling operators because of the fuzzy nature of gambling in the country. Some gambling shops can be seen in goa, sikimm, and mahjong. The case is different for online gambling, as it is accessible to everyone.

Also, individuals' privacy is ensured with online gambling, which is absent from land betting. There are fewer security issues with online gambling, than land-based operators. Using online sport betting sports is the best decision for Indian cricket fans.

Recommended sports betting sites for Indians

With the plethora of gambling platforms available, Indians need only to choose reliable options.

10 cric

It is one of the best sport betting sites for Indians because of its excellent services. At this Indian bookie, you can be assured to get:

  • Fast withdrawal
  • Prompt customer service
  • variety of payments options
  • sleek user-friendly interface

10 cric also provides a live cricket stream and responsible gambling options.


An international bookie who offers excellent gambling services for casinos, sports betting, and table games. When you use this betting site, you get:

  • 200% sign up bonuses
  • fast payment
  • streaming of live matches
  • Multiple games.

At bet365, customers are assured of getting good value for their money.


A global sports betting brand that operates in more than 72 countries. They provide big odds, juicy options, and enticing bonuses.

Cricket betting in India remains a viable option to make money online. However, it is essential to wager only through trusted betting sites.